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It all starts with a choice! 

Together we can achieve so much.

My Workouts, On Demand.

Access all my workouts exclusively on the app. New plans every month!

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One of the best things I have ever done! Bertrand my trainer has helped me achieve my goals so far and I love our sessions. He makes it fun and enjoyable to train and he is very motivating and encouraging.


Client Transformations

Pick the plan for you.

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Beginner Functional Guide

🔑 Bodyweight only!

🔑 Master the basics with this plan

🔑 Find some bars and get going

🔑 After you do this move to the advanced guide   

I'm Bertrand, and this is my story.

With over 12 years of coaching experience I've helped countless people reach their fitness goals! My training is suitable for all ability levels with a hybrid home and gym approach. I've transformed the physiques of both men and women from the ages of 18 to 55. Take control of your fitness today! See you on the app 👊🏾

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