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My workouts, on demand.

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The People Have Spoken.

I don't like to feel pressure and follow rules in order to fit it. Elyse 's program is just what I needed. It is for myself,  my "me time ". She offers a global approach, tips, food/, be healthier and have a better relationship with my body. She is supportive, motivated and she doesn’t judge. I didn't want to look a certain way but definitely love myself more.


Pick the best plan for you.

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Beginner Gym Guide

🔑 Full body program 

🔑 3 days per week

🔑 12 rep sets 

🔑 6 week Program 

I'm Elyse, and this is my story.

Hey you!
Welcome to my app :) My name is Elyse Camille, I am not your typical trainer. I believe in balance and building healthy habits, so you can get and KEEP your dream body! 
Before becoming a trainer, I struggled with binge eating. I went in and out of eating until I hated myself, then starving myself the next day. 
Through training I built a healthy relationship with food and exercise and I have never been happier with myself and my body. 
I know how hard building healthy habits can be, so I decided to make it easier for you with my affordable, easy to follow and goal specific workout plans. 
I am so happy to have finally built my dream body, increased my energy levels and boosted my confidence and I am even more excited to help you do the same! 
Let’s commit to crushing our goals together!

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