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The Off Season is Where You Get Paid. 

Achieve Your Athletic Goals

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The People Have Spoken.

Thanks to Julian I was able to loose over 20kg in 5 months, and gain once again the athleticism that I had lost, and start playing American football once again. 

Lorenzo Gavioli - Giants Bolzano

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Summer Grindcation

🔑 Increase speed 

🔑 Increase Power Output

🔑 Increase Strength

🔑 Offseason Specific Program

I'm Julian, and this is my story.

Strength training took my athletic career to another level and helped me achieve things I never thought possible. Starting out as a small chubby and unathletic kid, to then be mentioned on Sport Center 3x and play football for an Elite College Football Program. I want to help athletes achieve their athletic goals and dominate their sport - We are all Underdawgs on the hunt for that Win!

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