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Helping You Become Your Best Self! 

I lost 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks of the hourglass plan! I went hard and I'm just getting started.

Jilhan R (27)

Real Women. Real Results.

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Hourglass Figure Plan

🔑 Transform your entire body in just one month!

🔑 Your waist will get snatched

🔑 Build that DUMP TRUCK

🔑 Drop pounds and gain muscle  

I'm Korpo, and this is my story.

Hello angels, my name is Korpo. Welcome to my fitness app. I struggled to put on and maintain a healthy weight, but I have cracked the code and I have figured out the secret. I remembered putting in the work - doing everything I can to maintain my goal weight but it just didn’t work. I got tired and very uninspired. The struggle to put on a healthy weight was real but ever since I figured out how to stay in my ideal weight, I’ve been nothing but amazed and extremely happy. I created this app to help us all get in the best shape of our lives; to lose weight, grow your glutes, shed  that extra back fat, get rid of bloated tummy, put on healthy weight and maintain a beautiful physique. I have been there before. So, allow me to help you get in the best shape you have ever been. You got this!

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