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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Sore today, strong tomorrow.

My workouts, on demand.

Access all my workouts exclusively on the app. New plans every month!

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The People Have Spoken.

I am already in love with this app. I have tried so many apps and this is the most simply laid out. I am way more likely to reach my goals as each exercise is demonstrated which is my favourite part of the app.

Karigan N

Pick the best plan for you.

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🔑 An Introduction to some staple calli skills

🔑 Program can be repeated to keep building strength

🔑 Pre - requisites: 15 push ups, 5 pulls ups 20 squats 

🔑 Equipment needed: pull up bar, wall, any bench, towel

I'm Luc, and this is my story.

I started training 6 years ago and I specialise in calisthenics, but I also have experience in bodybuilding style training. Over time, I've done a lot of research to understand how to program for myself and others.
With this app, I'm bringing all this knowledge together to save you the hassle of figuring everything out on your own.

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